Atlas PLS corresponds with City
and County engineers while
surveying right-of-way routes, as-builts, utility mapping, easement plats, as well as easement and right-of-way vacations.



From the smallest residential city lot to the largest farm in the County, Atlas PLS has the knowledge and technology to meet your budget and timeline. 

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  • mortgage reports
  • as-built survey
  • tract split & adjustments

Planning & Design


We understand the importance of meeting project cost and deadlines when providing accurate survey data to engineers, architects, landscape architects, and other professionals.  

Land Surveying: Arkansas & Oklahoma

  • alta/acsm survey
  • boundary survey
  • topographic survey

atlas pls is proud to serve Arkansas & Oklahoma with the utmost professional land surveying services.

Atlas PLS and its employees are fully licensed to provide a wide range of land surveying services in the state of Arkansas and Oklahoma. We keep land survey cost to a minimum. Contact us today for a fee estimate on your property line survey!  

No matter the size of the project, Atlas PLS provides the same efficient, accurate, & reliable service.    



ALTA/ACSM, as-built, or boundary survey? We have the solutions for all commercial or corporate survey needs.

​​A  T  L  A  S


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Services: Land Surveying